History -

In 1997 Antonio Raposo Subtil and Antonio Matos Esteves decided to create a joint project. They were later joined by Manuel Ilhéu making up the three founding partners of the firm. Having brought together more than 40 lawyers since then, and established offices in Lisbon, Oporto, Azores and Madeira, RSA offers full service legal advice to clients in various areas of practice, with a special focus on Litigation, Procurement, Real Estate, Investment Funds, Banking, Tourism and Intellectual Property.

The team has been especially busy advising on the structuring and development of various real estate projects in the country, but also in the international market through partnerships with renowned local firms, namely in Angola and Brazil.

Drawing on its team’s skills and knowledge, RSA invests on its employees training on an ongoing basis, whether through in-presence training sessions whether through e-learning. In this manner we foster a multidisciplinary cooperation between the lawyers and also ensure clients benefit from the most effective, tailor-made advice.

Through RSA’s ‘Virtual Office’, lawyers and clients have direct access through the web, at no additional cost, to the firm’s centralized online services, being able to download forms, and also to access our communications forum and our legal information database.

All documents are duly digitalized and indexed to proceedings’ files, allowing for a fast, efficient and integrated response to all the clients’ queries.

Having defined specific areas of activity for the firm’s members, RSA fosters research in specific subjects thus allowing to respond to the clients’ needs and to represent and advise them in the best possible manner.

As a result of the legal research taken forth, the firm’s members are authors of published articles and also speakers at seminars and conferences on a regular basis.