Principles -

At RSA work is taken forth within a set core of principles:

Through a solid and cohesive team and drawing on the members’ experience, RSA is committed to defend firmly and respond promptly to the best of its abilities to each individual client’s needs and interests in each particular case.

Unconditional dedication to the client is a guiding principle to which all of RSA’s professional undertakings abide.
RSA’s lawyers favor direct contact with clients and are permanently available to respond to the clients’ queries, namely through the firm’s online portal, which allows to check the progress of the files entrusted to them.

Lasting relationships
RSA believes that the rigorous and swift manner through which the clients’ cases are analysed and resolved within the firm’s guidelines of honesty, mutual respect and joint work are the bedrock for the building of long lasting relationships between the firm and its clients.

Professional Excellence
RSA’s main aim is to assist each and every one of its clients within the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. In the pursuit of these aims, RSA lawyers invest in continuous professional training, a multidisciplinary approach to matters and also rely on the supervision of the leading partners responsible for each practice in order to constantly improve the overall delivery.