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In recent years, the RSA team has given legal support to the development and structuring of investment transactions in Portugal. In addition to the lawyers who are permanently integrated and specialized in particular practice areas, the RSA is comprised of qualified professional in different legal fields, so as to respond efficiently to the specificities or each project or operation with economic or social relevance.


RSA will begin its summer internship program during the months July and August, allowing students who are attending their last year of Law School to work in a Law Firm with such a wide range of Practice Areas.

As such Law School Seniors may combine the theories learned in class with legal practice in a professional environment and working in the Practice Areas created by RSA. This experience allows students not only to discover which areas of law they identify with most, but it will also be a distinguishing factor for them when they enter the workforce.
The summer internship is a unique opportunity where students can transition from academic life to their professional life.

Candidates can send us their CVs and motivation letter until the end of May to the following email address: rsa@rsa-advogados.pt

RSA has a policy of constant recruitment of trainees, because we believe in strengthening our structure by integrating our trainee lawyers.

At RSA, internships are paid from the beginning and progression is based on merit.

We aim to rotate interns through the various departments allowing them to work with specialists in the many Practice Areas and promoting constant training through participation in seminars, lectures and conferences or through English Language training.

The young lawyers will find a professional atmosphere made up of an informal team that at the same time is demanding and serious. So we look for those who share our values, culture and who will also participate in our social responsibility undertakings and all RSA events
Candidates can send us their CVs and motivation letters until the end of March to rsa@rsa-advogados.pt.